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Appleton Greene & Co – Companies work very hard to build a positive brand image. All public facing information about your company contributes to its brand, and a company’s brand is its reputation. Reputation management is an essential part of doing business. Every company is vulnerable to potential crises that could harm people or damage property, seriously impact business operations, damage the company’s reputation, impact the company’s revenue stream, or threaten the company’s very existence. Companies often get so focused on business performance and day-to-day operations that they forget to plan for possible contingencies and second and third-order effects. This can lead to disaster. Every company must identify and understand the unique risks associated with its business and plan mitigation strategies into daily business processes. By doing this, a company can often prevent a crisis from happening or prepare to effectively deal with a crisis and prevent damage to its reputation. With more than 25 years of experience in dealing with national and international crises, Ms. Roberts has developed a process through which companies can identify and plan for potential crises in order to protect the organization’s image and reputation. By utilizing this Crisis Management process, companies can identify potential crisis points and develop a plan for their leaders and employees to properly mitigate or manage those risks in ways that protect the company. Appleton Greene & Co

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Service Methodology

In all consulting engagements our efforts are tailored to the client who is hiring us. it has to be, as there is no cookie cutter approach to crisis management. Everything is based on the client’s industry, business operations, business processes, operating procedures, leadership and management configuration, and communication processes. In everything we do, the client’s strategic objectives act as our beacon in moving forward. Early steps involve an assessment of business operations, standard operating procedures, policies, and company communications. If the company has dealt with an incident or crisis in the past, we will complete an assessment on the handling of that situation to gain an understanding of prior processes and impact. We will interview leaders and managers across the organization to understand and identify the specific areas of risk the client faces. Each area of risk will be assessed and graded on a sliding scale based on how likely it is to happen and the threat it poses to the organization. We then work with appropriate personnel to develop potential mitigation strategies. We work with clients to build a Crisis Action Team that acts as a nucleus for any possible incident or crisis scenario, as well as identify additional personnel for each area of risk identified in our assessments. Depending on the level of service requested, that will determine how much of the work we do versus how much we are guiding the client through the process and then reviewing the work they do. Higher levels of service lead to the creation of a full blown Crisis Action Plan with press release templates for each identified risk area and an outline of communication procedures. Our approach to consultation relies on engaging the organization in a thorough risk analysis, identifying mitigation measures for the risks we can, and developing a modular plan that can be adapted to any situation the client might face. Appleton Greene & Co

Appleton Greene & Co

Service Mission

Ms. Roberts is a highly experienced senior executive who has successfully conducted crisis management operations and crisis communications for the United States Army, US Government and various non-profit organizations. Her experience in working with diverse groups of people on national and international crises provides her with a unique perspective in understanding how to do risk assessment, risk mitigation, and risk planning. Her skills as a leader and communicator are well known in the US military and US Government after working on high profile events such as The Presidential Inauguration, White House Diplomatic Visits, international investigations, and high-profile trials. Her skills can best be utilized through small group or individual engagements, seminar discussions, leader/manager workshops and cross-business collaboration techniques. By helping leaders and managers identify potential risk and plan and mitigate appropriately throughout the organization, Ms. Roberts will help clients proactively plan for the protection of their brand and reputation. Appleton Greene & Co

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