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Appleton Greene Reviews

Appleton Greene Reviews – Multi-National Corps-Iraq

Appleton Greene Reviews ”Ms. Roberts created a multi-level plan that allowed the organization to seamlessly and expertly navigate four concurrent Law of Armed Conflict investigations, reporting the facts, investigation status, findings, and actions taken to the public, national and international media, the Department of Defense, U.S. Government and Congressional leaders, Iraqi government officials, and Iraqi family members of the victims.” – Appleton Greene Reviews

Appleton Greene Reviews

United States Army

”Ms. Roberts was instrumental in developing a plan for examining law enforcement operations; substance abuse testing, reporting and treatment; medical operations and treatment; mental health counseling and treatment; and unit policies and procedures to help the Army develop action plans for identifying, treating and monitoring soldiers with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and creating new suicide prevention policies and procedures.” Appleton Greene Reviews

Appleton Greene Reviews

Wounded Warrior Project

”Ms. Roberts built a team from across the organization and guided them in identifying operational risks at all levels, developing mitigation strategies, and writing a Crisis Action Plan to deal with potential adverse scenarios. Her work was instrumental in helping the organization weather a recent scandal related to its fundraising and spending practices.” Appleton Greene Reviews

Appleton Greene Reviews

Lutron Electronics

”Ms. Roberts was instrumental in helping us develop a marketing program for our first time marketing directly to consumers to launch a new product. She helped define the audience personas, develop key brand messaging, create a social media content calendar, and develop consumer surveys. Additionally, she created a drip communications campaign for newly registered users of the product that included a welcome letter, survey, monthly newsletter, and special announcements. Her efforts have resulted in a 130% increase in sales and quality engagement with our customers.” Appleton Greene Reviews

Appleton Greene Reviews

U.S. Pacific Command

” Ms. Roberts was the driving force that created our Strategic Communication Office from scratch, developing the processes and procedures and educating the command. Her efforts ensured key communications to allies in the Pacific had all words and images aligned with the desired messaging. She played an integral role in securing Chinese acceptance of aid for the first time in this command’s history. Her work enabled the command to project a powerful, yet helpful presence within the Pacific Rim Theater to assist and train our allies in keeping the area secure from regional threats.” Appleton Greene Reviews

More detailed achievements, references and testimonials are confidentially available to clients upon request. Appleton Greene Reviews

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